Defining Company Knowledge


The BroadScope™ captures employee knowledge in an efficient, objective and timely manner, providing an organized view of roles and responsibilities.

This process captures critical elements and complex subject matter which allows organizations to 1) assess risk and reduce impact and 2) effectively plan workforce changes for greater individual and organizational productivity.

Detailed Discovery™

The Detailed Discovery™ builds upon the knowledge extracted and captured during a BroadScope, when a deeper understanding is required.

Role complexity and accountability determines the focus of a Detailed Discovery™. For example, it could be built around one core and critical component identified in the BroadScope™, which requires further probing on one or more components of the BroadScope™.

Organized Knowledge™

The Organized Knowledge™ component enables effective use of the BroadScope™ and Detailed Discovery™ to uncover the deeply tacit knowledge held by highly experience employees.

Working with an expert Analyst to enable the sharing of knowledge necessary to ensure the organization can transition effectively during change.